The Platform Overview

//The Platform Overview
The Platform Overview 2017-04-14T19:46:38+00:00

The objective of the buddygroups online platform is to support people in making the changes they want in their own lives and in the world.

It’s a space for the organisation and retrieval of information using a suite of tools and a versatile filtering system.

The buddygroups platform is for supporting individuals and groups to develop, organise, implement and review a personal development practice. It is also ideal for organisations who want to use a shared on-line space to organise community based activities, projects and programmes.

By personal development practice we mean any behavioural change that has a positive effect upon your life in some way. For example, to improve your health, by giving up smoking or it could be for supporting an existing mindfulness practice.

The platform is organised into four main Sections: Gallery, Discussion, Practice and Journal. Together they combine to form a powerful personal development tool kit.

A few screenshots…

buddygroups as a training support platform…

more than the sum of its parts

The power of the buddygroups platform is fully realised as a training support platform, whether individually or in a group, when all of it’s functionality is combined within a peer-to-peer buddy relationship.

Individuals working on their own can also use the buddygroups platform to support the changes they want to make in their lives.

Check out the example applications to learn more about how the buddygroups platform can be used in this way.