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A Training Group is a space to run and/or support an online training programme. This can be used both during delivery and afterwards as a post-programme support platform.

As an example – Let’s say that twenty people are on a year long training programme using a ‘Training Group’ space on the buddygroups platform. The group space contains all of the programme materials and all interactions between the facilitator(s) and trainees.

They meet up once every two months at a venue to carry out a day’s ‘in person’ training. The rest of the training is done online (all the assignments, discussions, trainee reports, facilitator follow-ups etc).

Each buddygroups private ‘Group’ has four Sections; Gallery, Discussion, Practice and Journal. Each Section is used for a different purpose and therefore have different functionality…

  • The Gallery Section can hold all the training materials and supporting items, in both text and multimedia form. Supporting media could include inspirational items such as photos and wise quotes.
  • The Discussion Section is used for group interactive Discussions and Questions
  • The Practice Section has the following functional components…
    • Assignments: An assignment can be set to detail the desired changes.
    • Practices: Individual activities can be set in relation to the assignment in order to master the required changes.
    • Daily Log: A concise written report relating specifically to the implementation of a Practice on a given day.
    • Daily Measure: A recorded measurement (eg 1-10) of how well a practice has been implemented that accompanies the daily log (This can be displayed in graph form over time and gives a visual snapshot of progress).
    • Reporting: A concise written review of the assignment and/or practices (informed by the daily log and daily measures over a period of time).
    • The Journal Section: Enables the recording of dated text entries. As a personal development tool it can be used with a wider scope than the daily log, which is purely a report of events related to a specific practice on a given day. For example, capturing events and insights which are related to your overall personal development and not necessarily to a particular practice.

Each ‘Group’ can be divided into ‘Rooms’ in order to create a structure of specific areas required for a particular training. The possibilities are many and can be set up as required. For example…

  • A Room could be designated solely for posting assignments.
  • Each participant could have their own Room for their personal work (in relation to the training and/or for fun or interesting items that inspire them).
  • There could be a Room purely for group Discussions etc.

The training runs for a year and all the training materials, assignments, discussions, reports etc are stored on buddygroups.

At the end of the year the formal training is complete. The trainees can continue to use buddygroups (if they choose so, as all their training material and years work is there at their fingertips) to stay connected as a group, support each other and deepen their training as part of their ongoing practice (which can also be on buddygroups).

The buddygroups environment is designed to encourage members to setup and maintain closer ‘buddy’ relationships in order to support each other in the process of making the positive changes they want. Once buddied up individuals can use ‘buddychat’ to directly message one another.

Out of the twenty participants some may naturally gravitate towards one another during training days and decide to create more intimate, smaller groups called ‘buddy’ groups. These are private groups (of up to 8 people) where members can interact together for an agreed purpose or interest.

When the official training is complete they may stay together in these groups and continue their training relationship through them.

For this example you would need to be using our Training Group Package – click here for more details.