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A meeting space for individuals who are in supportive relationship with one another:

  • As a support group (be it practical, emotional or psychological support)
  • And/or as an organisational group (to organise the group, community based projects, programmes or events).

Some example groups of people could include…

  • Training organisations.
  • Geographically diverse communities of nationals/internationals.
  • Local community groups.
  • Carers/coaches/therapists or Support Groups (supporting one another).
  • Spiritual groups.

As with other types of group, the meeting space can be organised into Rooms which provides a pragmatic and functional structure for the efficient access of information.

The Group Meeting Space uses the following sections of buddygroups…

  • The Gallery Section can hold all supportive/organisational Items in both text and multimedia form.
  • The Discussion Section is used for group interactive Discussions and Questions
  • The Journal Section enables the recording of dated text entries such as the minutes of a meeting.

For this example you would need to be using our Group Meeting Package – click here for more details.