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As a member of buddygroups everyone gets a ‘Private Space’ (effectively a completely private group) to hold a self development practice – all of the relevant buddygroups tools can be accessed from there to develop a practice on your own.

The following tools available in a Private Space on the buddygroups platform can be used as follows:

  • Gallery Section: This section can hold supportive items such as personal development materials and inspirational items in multimedia form like Wise Quotes, photos, video etc
  • Practice Section: This section has the following functional components…
    • Assignments: An assignment can be set to detail the desired changes.
    • Practices: Individual activities can be set in relation to the assignment in order to master the required changes.
    • Daily Log: A concise written report relating specifically to the implementation of a Practice on a given day.
    • Daily Measure: A recorded measurement (eg 1-10) of how well a practice has been implemented that accompanies the daily log (This can be displayed as a graphical trend giving a visual snapshot of progress).
    • Reporting: A concise written review of the assignment and/or practices (informed by the daily log and daily measures over a period of time).
  • The Journal Section: Enables the recording of dated text entries. As a personal development tool it can be used with a wider scope than the daily log, which is purely a report of events related to a specific practice on a given day. For example, capturing events and insights which are related to your overall personal development and not necessarily to a particular practice.

A person wants to change a particular behaviour. This can be anything that generally improves wellbeing such as giving up smoking for health reasons, changing an unwanted behaviour, reducing and managing anxiety, improving a mindfulness practice etc.

There are different ways to go about personal change using buddygroups. One way is to have a clear goal like giving up smoking and to set that as an Assignment.

As part of the assignment process individual Practice steps, needed to achieve the goal, would be set up. For example, just observing over one month (and logging) how many cigarettes are smoked each day might be the first Practice or step. The amount of steps depend upon the person and how challenging it is to complete the goal.

Each day a log entry and measure can be recorded in the Daily Log. This is a really concise report on how the particular practice went that day. It is not meant to be a long story – taking just a few minutes to write and only focusing on the intended practice. For example, it might say “I bought two packets of cigarettes today and only smoked 15. I usually smoke about 20. It was a good day at work so not so stressed which is why I think I had less today”.

After the Practice period has completed, a Report can be written to review the experience during that month. The Report is a way of drawing insight from the practice by reviewing the Daily Log entries and helps to determine what the next Practice step could be (this may depend on how challenging, or not, the Practice was). The Report acts as a feedback loop to adjust focus and direction in order to continue heading towards the desired goal. Over time the individual Reports help to quickly review the overall progress of the Assignment.

The Journal can be used to record everything else that is going on in and around the Assignment that is current. There may be difficult relationship issues that repeatedly pop up from time to time and the journal is a good way to capture these as they arise. Each Journal entry is dated and can be Tagged in order to quickly review all the similar entries over a date range.

For example, if the relationship entries were Tagged as ‘anxious’ (because at work there are situations that bring our patterns of anxiety) and seven entries were recorded over five months, a way to review these could then be to filter by date range of five months and the Tag ‘anxious’. This would then only display the seven entries to be reviewed.

The journal is a great way to surface behaviour patterns and can be fuel for future Assignments as part of a continued improvement in one’s self development.

For this example you would need to be using our Individual Package – click here for more details.