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It’s for…

anyone wanting to create positive change in their lives and in their community.

It is for any individual who wants to improve their experience of life through a practice of living that creates positive change. It can therefore be used for both an individual’s personal practice and/or collective training as part of a group. Although it’s called buddygroups, and uses a buddy style peer-to-peer system, the platform is also perfect for someone wanting to have their own personal practice on an individual basis.

It is also ideal for organisations who want to use a shared online space to organise community based projects and programmes.

Possible uses and applications…

  • building self-esteem
  • improving health
  • reducing stress
  • managing anger
  • developing a mindfulness practice
  • keeping a personal journal
  • developing and managing a personal practice / behaviour change
  • deepening understanding of a topic, or issue, through peer discussion
  • participate/organise/run a personal development training course(s)
  • group organisation
  • storing dated entries/reports (like minutes of a meeting) online
  • storing and organising various media items (for example training materials)
  • working with a life coach / therapist
  • organising a community event