help and/or collaboration required!


I’m the developer/director of an internet-based support platform called buddygroups (which is currently setup as a UK non-profit CIC).

After three and a half years of self-funded development the project sadly went into stasis. The support platform, which can have many applications, was geared towards supporting individuals in supporting one another through life-change of some form – whether two friends committing to a life change or a GP/practitioner/client/group relationship. The platform was functional and ready for wider testing before it was finally put on ice.

The key challenges were

  1. how to continue funding the project (and therefore provide time for continued development)
  2. how to find the right people to move the project into the next phase (which would include sales/marketing/networking/tech support etc).

I am currently working full-time again to pay the bills but loath the thought of completely letting go of this still potential-filled project. I am therefore looking for collaborators of like-mind to help take the project forwards into its next phase.

I’m not attached to the structure and form regarding how the project should/could move forward and (as long as the core ethics are honoured – see our core statement) I would love to be part of a collaborative team of like-minded individuals.

If you’re interested in finding out more, would like to get involved, or have some advice to offer, please do contact me on 07868 527090 or via

You can also browse the very dated public website here (the platform itself is on a separate domain). Please note that it doesn’t have any images of the practice section which is really a core feature of the platform.

Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes,