Practice Section now on it’s way!

//Practice Section now on it’s way!

Development of the eagerly awaited Practice Section has now begun.

When we say eagerly awaited, we are referring to ourselves just as much as anybody else. The Practice Section (along with the Gallery, Discussion and Journal) is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to create long-term, sustainable behaviour change. It enables both individuals, who are working on their own, and groups of people to visualy track their progress regarding an intended behaviour change. Its true power is realised when working with a buddy, or buddies, as peer support can be a vital component in any long-term strategy. As well as graphically ‘measuring’ your daily progress, you will be able to add Assignments, Practices, Daily Log entries and Reports  – all of which can be supported through discussion with your peer group.

The initial manifestation of buddygroups (a long time ago in an office/shed far, far away) actualy began with the Practice section at its heart. After restructuring the platform, due to the the new alliance struck between founding directors Antony and Pádraig, the Practice Section needed upgrading and has been awaiting a rebuild ever since.

We are pleased to announce that the time has come – we are now developing the version of the Practice Section which will be a key part of our phase one release in 2017. And stay tuned – we’ll be looking for more members to help us test it!

Thank you for your continued support,


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